Sunday, October 31, 2010

WMYD: Trying to Make Actual Shows Into Infomercials Edition

Welcome to a very special Halloween edition of Detroit Television Sucks.

Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In/Nightmare Sinema found its way to channel 20 in March 2008, and it was good. And by good, I don't mean "well acted" or "well made", but I do mean it was fun.

Then it stopped being fun:

"From Wolfman Mac's Facebook - February 7th, 2010 : Were just leaving ch 20 but staying on retro television. I got a call from ch 20 this week. They wanna charge me $1,000 per week to stay on the air. I said no way will I pay to be on. I'm not an infomercial. At the moment we only have RTV but I'm working on another local broadcast..."
(sourced from )

That's right; channel 20 wanted to treat real content like an infomercial. They don't appear to have replaced it with an infomercial tho. Which makes me wonder if Punk'd pays to put itself on the air.

You can still see the show on channel 7's secondary digital channel, RTN7, Saturday nights at 10, no thanks to channel 7 itself (other than to the extent they're responsible for keeping a contract with RTN, which is a good thing).

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