Thursday, October 28, 2010

WDIV: You Won't Fall 4 It Edition

Remember, if you hate Marla Drutz and WDIV pre-empting real shows with their own badly produced crap, let their sponsors know you and others will avoid using those sponsors because of their sponsorship.

WDIV pre-empted Community tonight with "All 4 Halloween". This was primarily sponsored by Meijer and Oakwood, who specializes in you, whatever that means.

Others: Mazda, Gardner-White, the Dodge Journey, Chrysler Town and Country, Art Van, Family Heating, Cooling and Electrical (West and Downriver 734-422-8080, East 248 548 9565). Set decorations by Ray Wiegand's Nursery.

So buy a Ford, get your candy at Kroger, get your table at Ikea, and give birth at Beaumont.

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