Friday, August 26, 2011

WJBK: Kiss WIth a Fist Edition

January, 2009. WJBK, Fox 2's morning show was running fluff re: Obama's forthcoming inauguration. It's a morning show, it's not news. And Deena Centofanti is in the segment, and that helps me give things quite a lot of slack usually. But then we get this.

The trouble isn't the funnyness. That was awesome. I actually saw this live, and it was jaw on the floor funny. The trouble lies in Dr. Terri Orbach, The Love Doctor. While she was being touted as a relationship expert, not a sex doctor as such, the idea that you could be promoting someone as a relationship expert who is so distanced from sexual knowledge that she doesn't know what fisting is constitutes a slap in the face to the idea that relationships involve sex. That Detroit television was promoting such a person as a relationship expert was what sucked.

On the plus side, Deena obviously knew the score, and made sure to clarify by bumping fists later in the segment (which was also funny, but doesn't seem to be in the YouTube clips).