Friday, November 5, 2010

WDIV: We Hated Conan First Edition

Do you like late night television? WDIV historically has not. WDIV did not show Conan O'Brien at 12:35AM for most of its run (the time slot immediately following the Tonight Show, where it ran virtually everywhere). Instead, they would show syndicated programming at that time and delay Conan (and Letterman before him) to 1:35AM.

This explains why I never watched Conan before Comedy Central began its reruns. I loved Conan on Comedy Central; it aired several times a day, always in timeslots easier to watch than 1:35AM. And when it went off Comedy Central... I went back to not watching it (until I got a DVR).

And why? Because WDIV wanted to run Jenny Jones. And then I believe it was Springer. I think WDIV eventually dropped that schedule; but for some reason, I had been trained over a ten year period not to watch WDIV at 12:30 (other than on a DVR). Having the awful Leno as a lead in is not a help, of course, but WDIV has no one to blame but WDIV for for making the slot forgettable.

WDIV does show Jimmy Fallon at 12:35AM now. It's Carson Daly they're screwing over, by generally showing Extra at 1:35AM, followed by... an infomercial! That's right, instead of the 1:35AM Carson Daly is everywhere else in the country, he's on at 2:35AM in Detroit. I wonder why it is I've never watched that show, which has been on for a decade? Now, it would be some innovative and sensible programming if they put Leno at 2:35AM, as the retirees who want to see him have no job to go to in the morning and I suspect are often wakeful zombies in the middle of the night; they could bump up Fallon and Daly. Or maybe some day they too will abandon WDIV for greener pastures; rememebr to watch the new Conan show beginning Monday at 11 on TBS, and cut out WDIV from the equation for added happiness.

Stations are pretty well insulated from being contacted by the people who watch their shows, but some of the contact numbers channel 4 puts out there are 313-962-WDIV and 313-222-0500. Or you can call the "Defenders" at 313-223-CALL-4; maybe they can shove some cameras into their own studio and get something done.

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